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The level of expertise and care Kah Ying takes in the thesis editing process is simply second to none. Kah Ying continuously challenged my thinking, offered thoughtful commentary and provided a secure base of structure and process. In addition to the world class coaching, her evident genuine passion for the subject of change management and standards of excellence pushed me to deliver at my very best. Thank you Kah Ying, I am so grateful for all your support and kindness throughout.


Regan Baillie, General Manager, Client Strategy APAC, 
The Trade Desk

Kah Ying has been a great help to my EMC thesis work at INSEAD.  She used a very smart approach to make sure I was not overwhelmed by the amount of work required and the defense mechanism of avoidance be triggered - she is a guru with the EMC concepts in both writing and real life! During the time we worked together, I could feel she had a real passion for what she did as an editor as well as helping me achieve my goal.  


Lian Xia, CEO of Beijing Sunkiss Capital Co., Ltd.

I engaged Kah Ying's copy editing service for my EMC thesis. The services she provided were beyond my expectations. I was impressed by her professionalism and skills in editing and her knowledge and clarity in thesis writing. Her feedback helped me get into deeper analysis and improved clarity in my writing. Working with Kah Ying has definitely enriched my thesis writing journey. I would highly recommend her.


Jasmine Huang, Leadership & Culture Development, Titansoft Pte Ltd

The designation “editor” is an inadequate description for Kah Ying. She was more of a partner-cum-coach - in equal parts supportive as she was candid with feedback (without being brutal) - and played a pivotal role in evolving my views over multiple iterations of the findings. Her emotional support and steadiness despite the insanely tight deadline (which was due to work exigencies) combined with her thoughtful, incisive editing skills was absolutely invaluable – I would not have been able to do this without her.


Jo Chew, Managing Director, WATATAWA Consulting

I think it's almost misleading to call Kah Ying a thesis editor. She’s really a coach — a thesis coach. If you hate getting challenged, you probably should think twice. She’s not for everyone, but everything everyone has said here is correct. She will give guidance all the way and works super fast. She gives honest and professional feedback. She also gives more than a 100%. Everyone of us that used her all agreed that she was the right choice. It can be tough when you’re under pressure, but you’ll be happy at the end. Trust me! That’s Kah Ying!


Derek Yap, Turnaround and Process Improvement Consultant

Kah Ying helped to simplify complicated structure to make it look simple and professional. She was able to plan, coordinate and revise my “not so interesting” story to make it appealing. Great sense of customer service and responsive.  A very responsible editor. I am grateful to her.

Tony Widjaja, Associate Director at INSEAD

I worked with Kah Ying on my INSEAD EMC final thesis. She is unique.  With her personal life experience and her accumulated practice of working with EMC (CCC, EMCCC) students on their papers, Kah Ying has built an in-depth understanding of the systems psychodynamic approach. She holds herself up to a high standard and delivers 1st-class work, given that writing is her passion as well. After being edited by Kah Ying, my thesis paper has become a beautiful product, from the viewpoints of academic standard and being a pleasure to read.  I started to call her Dr. Choo, as she gave my writing new life.


Baowen Jing, APAC HR Business Partner (HRBP) & Senior Regional HR Manager


I would like to greatly thank Kah Ying Choo, my editor of my INSEAD EMC final thesis, for all the wonderful conversations we had. Her insights, rigor, and skills have pushed me to a different level. I believe our co-operation was an example of intimate co-creation—an immersive and synergistic collaboration experience as described by Rouse (2020). 

Hans van der Wind, Chairman of the Board TBAuctions bij TBAuctions / Vice Chairman at The Learning Network

Hi Kah Ying, I have submitted my thesis yesterday finally 😎 I cannot accomplish the work without your help! Thank you for your timely support, your knowledge and expertise helped me a lot to make it. I also appreciate your questions and coaching which helps me to push my boundaries. I wish you have a good rest and enjoy your holiday🎉


A message (with permission) from Angela Zhang, Head of HR, Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Supply Chain

You are in great hands if you choose to work with Kah Ying. She is a highly responsible editor and proofreader. Based on our communication, I could trust that she bears all EMC thesis rules, requirements and deadline in mind. With her passion and expertise in writing as plus, you can always count on her quality-guaranteed service. Be prepared, in addition to normal editing and proofreading, Kah Ying would probably challenge you on your points, arguments, which intent to send you to deeper thinking or exposing to a different perspective. I quite appreciate her work and enjoy collaborating with her. 

Lilly Luo, INSEAD EMC participant (2020)

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