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Published Author

Content Writer

Copy Editor,

Customized Writing Coach/Consultant

​I have been a writer, copy editor, and educator for two decades. Apart from having three books, along with magazine and online articles under my belt, I pride myself in my ability to enter the diverse worlds of my clients and help them with their writings.

My HOPE is to spread my love of the English language and the writing experience to everyone with this approach: 

Honest: I will always be honest in my assessments of the quality of the work: even a “good-enough" piece of writing still needs to have logical flow, which requires critical thinking. 

Optimal: I strive to produce quality writing work, while being flexible in accommodating to the expectations of my clients with regards to their own writings. 

Positive: I try to recognize where my clients are at and figure out the specific scaffolding that I can use to enable them to make progress in their writing work.

Engaging: I love to discover and experiment with teaching strategies that I can customize to meet the needs of my students.

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