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Kah Ying has helped me with my master thesis at INSEAD. I gained a score that was beyond my expectations. I believed that I could not have achieved it without Kah Ying's editing and coaching on my structure. To a non-native English speaker like me, it was a huge challenge to write the very first thesis in English, not only because of grammar and academic vocabulary. The research method was so different from how I had been trained for my previous master degree and research in Chinese language and research circumstances. Kah Ying was the one who challenged my structure and sense-making process according to the research method and data collection, pushing me to do it better and beyond. Without Kah Ying's persistence and professional help, I would not have been able to push myself out of my own comfort zone and improve my work. I'm very grateful and recommend Kah Ying's services to those who want to discover their full potential in academic writing. 

Barbara Zhang, Senior Director Human Resources APAC, a US public-listed High-Tech company, HR Consultant and Executive Coach

"Throughout my EMCCC thesis journey, Kah Ying had been patient partner for me. I am an 'amateur' in thesis writing. Her strength lies in helping a client stay focused on the theme, as well as organizing and structuring the thinking that fits the requirements of a thesis. Through her, I learned that I should be disciplined and stay focused on the theme, analyze the data, and derive the conclusion from the research study. She knows precisely where citations are needed; after all, there is always someone ahead of you who has probed a notion that you thought had just popped into your mind. The effective use of citations to structure a convincing thesis is also her strength.  Her experience as writer/editor makes your thesis well-articulated and sharpens your writing. The thesis journey I had gone through is something I will never forget. I admire her work ethics and professionalism in my writing. I would like to recommend Kah Ying for both experienced and inexperienced thesis writing." 

Kazuko Hirata, Representative of K.K. ToughTouch, HR Consultant and Executive Coach

"Kah Ying was recommended to me with a word of caution that 'if you have a weak heart, Kah Ying is not the right person as she is very direct and questions everything'. I did not have a problem with this working style as I needed someone who is thorough and who could guide me. Working with Kah Ying was challenging as she takes interest in ensuring that I produced a solid fact-based research paper and her insightful feedback helped me organize my research framework and content with so much clarity. I would like to THANK Kah Ying for being instrumental in providing me with the guidance in developing an outstanding research paper. My thesis graded by INSEAD EMCC Professors received 3.6/4 and this grade is described as 'Excellent work, the project is outstanding across multiple areas.'"

Sheila Shanmugam, GroupM, General Manager, m/SIX

"I highly recommend Kah Ying’s editorial services! She is an extremely passionate and inspirational editor who pushed me to make my INSEAD thesis the best it could be. Throughout the writing process, Kah Ying exposed the gaps in my writing whilst challenging its clarity and logic. As a result of her incredible attention to detail and editorial prowess, Kah Ying has made me a better writer, both at work and personally. Working with Kah Ying was a true joy and her encouragement has raised my overall confidence in taking on future writing projects. And, I would, of course, use Kah Ying!"

Gene Cleckley, Lead Manager, APAC Employee and SEA Communications 

"I want to thank you for your incredible support on this journey. As my first thesis paper, your support and guidance were instrumental in getting me across the line. You have an incredible ability to interpret my content and assist me in structuring this in a meaningful, coherent and academic manner. The speed at which you were able to turn my drafts around and provide meaningful feedback was also a major plus, especially with the tight timelines. I felt complete trust in your judgement too, and extremely grateful that you were able to interpret my goals for this paper. I can’t thank you enough!"

Gregg Grobler, Chief Financial Officer 

"I was delighted with the work and professionalism shown by Kah Ying during the completion of my Insead Masters in April 2018. She worked to very tight deadlines, adding value with her insightful editing and also during the construction and idea generation phases. Her attention to detail was exemplary.  I am very happy to recommend her to others and would say she was professional and very effective."

Eilish O'Hagan, Leadership Executive Coach 

"I have really enjoyed working with you. You've pushed me and challenged me in a way that has allowed me to learn so much about thesis writing and interpretative analysis. In fact, there is so much that I can apply to my day-to-day work from this experience.  I have also really appreciated the way you have turned around the reviews of my chapters so quickly each time.  It has helped me so much, since I am juggling an intense job and a lot of business travel. We have worked in sync and it has made the process of writing the thesis very productive."

Aarti Thapar, Director, Customer Success 

I am really grateful for Kah Ying Choo's help and support as the editor of my thesis. She not only provoked me towards deeper analysis, but also took my writing to the next level. I will definitely recommend her work and would use it again in any writing adventures I take. Kah Ying is also an amazing person, with whom I had insightful conversations on art, psychodynamics, and life.

Guilherme Bcheche, Psychoanalyst, Professor and Consultant 

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