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A Mother’s Wish Social Enterprise, Director, Singapore                                               2014–Present

  • Seeking to support youths and adults with lifelong intellectual disabilities through individual counseling to families, awareness talks/workshops, blog posts, and direct funding to special needs programs in Singapore and abroad.

  • Funds raised through partial contributions from the sales of artwork produced by Jean-Sebastien Choo, my son who has autism; related merchandise featuring his artwork; and my published books.

  • Writings can be found on my blog and Medium.


  • Coordinated six holiday programs for 6-9 severely autistic individuals (from aged 6 and above), each lasting two weeks: a) recruitment of one-on-one volunteers through communications with schools and conducting talks; b) recruitment of activity facilitators; c) designed customized worksheets for the participants; and d) led and guided the implementation of all activities.

  • Conducted more than 50 talks and workshops to members of the public, parents, educators (at special needs schools and mainstream schools) to raise awareness on the effective treatments for autistic and special needs individuals, with funds contributed to A Mother’s Wish and autistic individuals.

  • Raised nearly SGD50,000 through social media posts, direct communications, and talks for local and overseas special needs and autism programs.  

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