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Good evening Ms. Choo,

I hope you’re keeping well! 

Recently my college admissions journey concluded, and I feel overjoyed to inform you that I will be attending Yale University coming fall. 


I started my application process with the research paper we wrote, and now that the journey meets its closure, I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to you. The finesse, precision, and integrity of the work I learnt under your guidance were the foundation of how I tried to take up every challenge henceforth. Under your tutelage, I learnt and evolved and as I take on a new stride in my academic journey soon, I feel so grateful for having once been under your umbrella of mentorship. 


I only hope to humbly carry forward your legacy of excellence in whatever I pursue. Thank you so much for always believing in me and for helping me take the right road, and never the easy one. 

Sukriti Ojha


I had considered myself a good writer, but Kah Ying motivated me to strive for even better. I came to realize how much more depth I could achieve with my perspectives, how much more objective and neutral I could be as a researcher, and how I could be more aware of my emotions. This is why I hold Kah Ying's professionalism in the highest esteem. Her work quality speaks for itself and her commitment to her work is truly remarkable. While the support from my school was robust and sufficient, engaging with a professional of Kah Ying's caliber added an exceptionally meaningful layer to my learning journey. For those seeking to take their learning to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend Kah Ying.


Emiko Adachi, INSEAD EMC participant (2023)

Given my lack of an academic background, my thesis journey has been quite a challenge. Kah Ying has been instrumental in supporting me. She guided me to strengthen my plan and the deepness of my analysis. It wasn't easy, but she was pragmatic, precise and very responsive.
Indeed my schedule was tight and she accommodated me.
She has impressive academic and psychodynamics knowledge and  very good English. 
I strongly recommend Kah Ying to anyone who needs to be advised, guided, and supported through an academic work.


Iñaki de REZOLA, General Manager of a Pharma Company

Kah Ying was my thesis coach and editor. She came highly recommended by an INSEAD EMC alumni. Kah Ying provided a framework that made the thesis writing process structured and efficient. She pushed me to think more critically, write with better clarity, and provided plenty of encouragement along the way. Kah Ying also has a very interesting life story. If you read the books she authored, you will also learn many precious life lessons.

Tracy Ang, INSEAD EMC participant (2023)

I’m very grateful to have Kah Ying journey with me when I was working on my Masters thesis. She’s very experienced and knowledgeable in the work she does. She not only gave me advice and guidance on researching for the thesis but also guided me on how to structure my thesis and how to write it academically. She also supported me during the times when I was feeling discouraged, lost and worried about my thesis. She lent a listening ear as I vented my frustration and would cheer me up through her humour & perspectives. Thank you so much, Kah Ying, for journeying with me throughout this challenging endeavour.

Lyn Wong, HR Practitioner

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