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To utilize my writing, copy editing, and teaching skills to promote: 

  1.  the production of logically flowing English writing; and

  2.  the view of the writing experience as a worthwhile endeavor for the development of critical thinking skills and effective communication.


With nearly 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, I am a published author of four books and countless articles. As a seasoned content writer, copy editor, and writing consultant, my greatest strength lies in my ability to “enter” the worlds of my clients and capture their perspectives with their voices. Whether it is a proposal requiring impeccable craftsmanship, a lofty speech tailored to a special occasion, an inspiring mission statement to steer an organization forward, or marketing collaterals that encapsulate the brand persona of the company, it is my goal to deliver. I take pride in the fact that I have helped clients from all around the world succeed in their writing projects (including individuals, schools, banks, corporations, boutique firms, and World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds Evaluations & Learning Team).


Content Writing for corporate, governmental, and educational sectors 

Copy Editing of Academic, Press, and Corporate Writing 

Individual and Group Coaching and Training in Writing Projects 

Formulation and Implementation of customized writing programs (research, essay, and college applications)

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