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Cathalijne Oudijk, Marketing Director — Recommendation

"Kah Ying’s support was invaluable during my process of thesis writing. Not only is she an outstanding, precise and eloquent editor with a very high standard, she is also a coach who helps you through moments of doubt, despair and general stuckness , and who celebrates the achievements and happy moments with you. She has witty humour which kept things in perspective when it was difficult, and she is a person I could easily relate to: she is authentic, honest and trustworthy.

She really goes the extra mile and is very reliable. She would get back to me within minutes after emailing her. When I sent her a chapter for editing, she would immediately let me know when she would be able to revert (most times within 1 or 2 days), and always did.

I loved the way we set up our collaboration: we kicked off with a 90 minute (face to face) session where I took her through my initial thesis proposal. I walked out with a clear structure how to build the thesis and a clear approach for each chapter. She also  gave me some real practical advice on the order and how to approach the lit review, the research, the analysis and the findings, so I felt confident I was good to go. 

We agreed I would send her chapter by chapter as I finished them so she could edit along the way. After that, we communicated through email and what’s app. At some point I got very stuck so we had another meeting (Skype this time) where she helped me structure my thinking and make choices. It helped. After that I finished my writing and handed the thesis in within the deadline.

Her editing goes beyond ‘putting it down in nice words and perfect English’, she added so much value by making it a cohesive story, and often she would comment on or question content, something I found very helpful.

Her style is very hands on, fast pace, to the point and challenging. She is incredibly smart and will tell you what she thinks and sometimes it feels like she is tearing apart your thesis-baby. Sometimes the edited version came back with more BLUE (her editing) than my initial writing which sometimes made me feel I would never make it. I even had a few sleepless nights over it. However, it was always for the better as it forced me to sharpen my thinking.

As she tells you from the beginning: she will go as far as she believes you can go, she will push for the best possible thesis you can create. As I said: she has a very high standard! So as her client it was important to know for myself and tell her when it was good enough.


The result: my thesis was graded a 3.8/4.0, with gratification…"

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