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DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Writing Kit: Expository/Argumentative Essay No. 1


Welcome to Anatomy of Writing’s (AoW) DIY Writing Kit (No. 1) to guide learners 15 years old and above to take ownership of their English learning and writing experience. This can be done through a series of DIY exercises that optimise the user’s interaction with the model essay: 


  • Exposure to a model essay, that is, identifying unfamiliar words/phrases within their context for further exploration on the Internet to understand and then explore their usage;
  • Development of critical reading skills through paraphrasing;
  • “Dissection” of the essay to figure out whether and how it (a) captures the essence of the writing: what is its purpose? (b) establishes a logically flowing argument — how does it move from Point A to Point Z in a linear way?


  • “It’s Your Turn!”: Write an essay on a similar category of writing. 


Special "Add-On" Deal: If you are interested in learning how to improve your essay, we can arrange an online consultation. Purchasers of the template who can show proof of purchase of this DIY kit will be entitled to a special price of a SGD60/hour session, instead of the usual  SGD90/hour.

1. DIY Expository/Argumentative Model Essay Learning Kit (15 yrs and above)

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