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At Least 3 Reasons to Work With An Academic Writing Consultant and Copy Editor

It’s often hard to explain the value of my work as an academic writing consultant and copy editor with high-flying professionals doing their Executive Masters theses in Coaching and Consulting for Change.

Apart from international participants who may be unfamiliar with doing formal writing in English, even English-speaking participants could find the distinctive attributes of thesis writing to be daunting.

Here are several things that a novice thesis writer might grapple with:

Why is the formulation of the research question — the specific combination of carefully-chosen terms — so pivotal in writing a thesis?

Well, in a nutshell, this question is what the entire thesis is supposed to answer. The question needs to be formulated precisely in order to demarcate the scope of the research study. It ensures that you write your thesis with a strong sense of direction. Trust me, that will feel really important once you have waded into the experience and have written tens of pages.

How can one go about formulating it successfully?

A good idea to check out other sample research questions. However, if you are looking for more customised assistance with your particular subject-matter, this is ONE of the ways that I can help you.

For our very first consultation, we will be engaged in a dynamic brainstorming process of transforming your knowledge, experience, and passion with regards to your topic into a research question.

What is the “smart” way of reviewing literature and writing a meaningful and relevant literature review?

A literature review is not just a haphazard “dumping” of relevant sources from outstanding academics on your research topic. You have to be strategic in selecting what you include AND then determining how to construct a discussion that helps to illuminate the gap that your research study will fill.

And then, most intimidating of all, after you have collected mountains of data from your interviewees (for example), how do you transform them into well-analysed findings?

Contact me to find out!

Through my consulting and copy editing work, which go hand in hand with one another, I aim to help you with the guidance to make your thesis writing journey a purposeful and meaningful one!

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