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Seeking Motivated Online Clients/Learners for Customised Online English Tutoring & Editing

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

As a published author of books, articles, and blog posts, copywriter, copy editor, and an educator, I am a versatile English writing and speaking professional who is passionate about the English language. I am driven by an inherent desire to convey the intent of my communication as accurately and beautifully as possible from the meaning to the tone, whether in writing or in speech. This is what I also strive to do for my clients.

In my desire to work from anywhere, I am seeking Motivated Clients/Learners who are willing to collaborate with me ONLINE to work on their customised projects to realise their project requirements or their learning objectives. I am deliberately calling my service a collaborative one, because I strongly believe that our success depends on the commitment of both parties to our common mission.

My services cover the following areas:

- Dissertations (Humanities and Organizational Management only)

- School Essays

- College Application Essays

- Informational articles

- Customised Promotional materials

- Scripts for speeches

- Resume writing

- Public speaking

- Accent reduction

My fees range from SGD50–90/hour, depending on the level of the proficiency of the learner and the level of difficulty of the project/tasks.

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