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The Making of an "Actor Writer"

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of motivating youths to discover their unique selves and express their truths, whether in writing or in presentations.

Turning the spotlight on my own self-improvement, I finally buckled down to making my two websites, and, SEO-friendly! Yay, I did it!

Furthermore, I got to take stock of my self-transformation over two decades, navigating across academic, corporate, and creative writings, along with diverse sectors, institutions, and subject disciplines. It has been an incredible journey. A second yay!

So what have I “turned” into (professionally)?

Today, I am an “actor writer”, adept at entering the universes of my clients in order to discover and capture their “authentic voices” for their “missions”. I am also an excited writing collaborator who gets goosebumps when exchanges with clients and partners materialise in the perfect word combination in my mind. And finally, I am an unorthodox educator, who is constantly customising approaches to impart the beauty of the English language to anyone from Generation Alpha to Generation X, whether one-on-one, or in a group.

But I certainly wouldn’t have become this inspired writer and educator brimming with fire in my belly, if not for Sebastien, my autistic son. Much as I love the challenge of my writings, nothing can quite move me as when I succeed in conveying the precise sentiment or the mystery that he evokes in me. Not just the muse in my personal writings, but also in my life, he is a constant reminder for me to strive for creative human-centered solutions that are focused on love and joy.


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