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Why I Write

I am what you would call a creative memoirist. Over the past 10 years, my journey of raising my autistic son and my own roller coaster life, sometimes into "uncharted" territory, have been my sources of inspiration. Apart from offering a cathartic release, the writing process has also enabled me to reflect on transformative experiences, encounters, and individuals. Writing my life story is "soul food" for me. 

Similarly, in my professional work with executive masters students, particularly those  enrolled in coaching and consulting programs, my challenge is to help them discover the "thesis stories" that accurately represent their passion. All of us love a good story; it is in our human nature. So whether my clients are seeking to write their theses on their work or personal lives/interests, my aim is to get them excited about sharing their "story" with their readers. And I usually know that we are onto something really good when I get goose pimples in the "mapping out" of these "theses stories".

And what's that got to do with anything?

Well, that is the adrenaline — the "high" that you will need to embark on the writing journey. You see, for the most of us who are not natural born writers, this path will not be an easy one. But when you have accomplished it, you will feel "on top of the world". While not everyone gets to climb Mt. Everest, to me, completing a difficult piece of writing comes pretty close.

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